006: What You Need to Know About Managing Your Credit

Tanya Appel talks with Richard Moxley, founder of and credit expert with eCredit Fix and Credit TV. They discuss the fundamentals of understanding your credit and finances, and how to manage them well.


Richard Moxley is the author of The Nine Rules of Credit and founder of eCreditFix and Credit TV. With years of previous experience in the mortgage world, Richard has the expertise and firsthand knowledge of understanding how one can best manage their credit.

The mentors and representatives with eCredit Fix use their years of experience of working with the banks to remove errors from credit reports and teach clients how to quickly increase credit score. Their passion and purpose is in helping people manage their credit and gain control of their lives.

Key Points

  • [0:41] Tell us a bit about yourself and what led you to your current position.
  • [2:11] What did you find in early research about how people approach credit issues?
  • [4:01] It is important to understand your financial situation. Ask questions and get help as you need. Education is key.
  • [4:30] What are Equifax and TransUnion?
  • [5:41] What systems do they look at?
  • [7:16] How do risks affect clients?
  • [8:29] What about closing challenges?
  • [10:20] See how your financial and credit situations affect other aspects of your life.
  • [11:19] How can a person close an account or credit card?
  • [12:05] What is the benefit of rotating credit?
  • [13:19] What about financial limits on a credit card?
  • [14:17] Do scores differ depending on the provider?
  • [16:26] What is the biggest hurdle in credit?
  • [18:55] How do you rebuild your credit?
  • [22:57] Tell us a bit about eCreditFix.
  • [24:56] Can you share a few success stories?
  • [28:49] What is the best way to contact you?




[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uo4r1j3neeQ]