018: How to Ensure a Quality Moving Experience

Today’s guest is Tara Schneider, Consumer Sales Manager with Quality Move Management. QMM is the largest allied van lines mover in Canada, and provides moving solutions locally, nationally, cross-border, and internationally.

Tara is here to discuss how you can better prepare for your move, no matter where you’re going. She talks about the services and convenience that QMM provides as well as what to look for when hiring a moving company.

Covered topics:

  • Finding the best moving company for the job.
  • How QMM takes their clients through the moving process.
  • Advice for planning a move and estimating costs.

Podcast Show Notes:

  • [00:51] – Tara’s background.
    • Beginning her career as a temporary summer student.
    • What her position as Consumer Sales Manager entails.
    • How Tara and QMM can take the stress out of moving.
  • [02:38] – How to find the right moving company for the job.
    • Researching a company’s website and finding their physical address.
    • Checking the Canadian Association of Movers and the Better Business Bureau.
    • Finding references and using your instincts.
  • [04:49] – What to expect as a client of QMM.
    • Speaking with a human employee.
    • Working with a location coordinator.
    • The advantages of QMM having their own fleet of trucks.
  • [07:02] – Preparing for a move.
    • Starting the process well in advance.
  • [08:16] – Estimating the costs of a move.
    • Charging by the hour vs charging by weight.
    • Weight, dates, distance, and services.
  • [09:23] – QMM’s service level options.
    • Moving locally, within Canada, and internationally.
    • Accuracy of estimates.
    • Storage services.
  • [11:42] – Potential customers who are being held back by cost.
    • The cost of doing the moving yourself or using a cheap company.
    • Hidden costs that can arise from cheap companies.
  • [13:42] – The top considerations when sourcing a moving company.
    • The importance of getting a proper estimate and an inventory list.

Topic Takeaways:

  • Research moving companies thoroughly before hiring.
  • If costs are stopping you from hiring a company, consider how you time could be better spent doing other activities.
  • Start planning your move early to get the best rates.

Quotable Quotes:

  • “We look at cost in a couple of ways… What are you paying yourself to do this move? Every evening and weekend is going to be dedicated to doing this rather than taking the time to enjoy your home.”
  • “Be aware of those rogue movers online. Canadians are falling victim every day to these fly-by-night movers. It’s putting a bad reputation into the industry.”

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