015: Landscaping: More Than Just Mowing

We’re joined by Allan Campbell and Aidan Roberts of Campbell & Roberts Landscaping. Discussing lawn care, pruning and arbor care, and custom landscape projects.

Covered Topics:

  • There’s more to landscaping than simply mowing your lawn. Learn how to hire the right landscapers to meet your needs.
  • Services offered by Campbell & Roberts
  • Tips for homeowners to ensure a healthy yard

Podcast Show Notes:

  • [00:55] – How Campbell & Roberts Landscaping came to be
    • Alan’s official training and awards
    • How the two met and how long they’ve been working together
  • [02:30] – What Alan’s educational background covers and what it brings to their clients
  • [03:10] – More to landscaping besides just lawn and flower care
    • Additional services offered: Grass cutting, garden maintenance, weeding, fences, decks, patios, retaining walls, arbour care
  • [04:00] – Custom patios, fences, retaining walls: design and build
  • [04:55] – Package and work variations
  • [06:05] – Options for lawn repair, bringing a yard back to life
    • Damage caused by snow and shaded areas
    • To use or not use chemicals
  • [06:55] – Additional pricing discussion
    • Monthly contracts
  • [07:30] – Seasonal one-time cleanups or winter preparation
  • [08:25] – Considerations for choosing plants depending on which part of Alberta you live in
  • [09:25] – Winter snow removal
  • [10:00] – Tips for homeowners to ensure a healthy yard
    • Fertilizing numbers explained
  • [10:55] – Contact information
  • [11:10] – Everyone is a priority regardless of the size of the job; everyone’s unique and individual needs are considered – the Campbell & Roberts difference.
  • [12:10] – Landscaping job turns into a babysitting job
  • [13:00] – Service area

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