013: Preparing for the Spring Market – tips for buyers/sellers

Tara Molina brings her years of marketing and business expertise to her role as realtor, providing her clients with a unique listing experience that sets their property apart from the competition (check out New Wave Media). Tara works out of the RE/MAX Real Estate Central office and services the area’s of Calgary and Airdrie on both the buying and selling side. Have a listen as Tanya and Tara discuss tips for successful selling and things to consider when buying in a busy Spring Market.

Covered Topics:

  • Spring Market Preparation
  • Pairing Marketing with Real Estate
  • Tips for Buyers and Sellers this Spring Season

Podcast Show Notes:

  • [00:25] – Tanya welcomes Tara to the show
  • [00:59] – Tara had a diploma in broadcasting
    • Hosting international shows in New York City
    • Studied psychology and business in Canada
    • Started New Wave Media
  • [02:01] – Buying her first investment property and becoming a realtor
  • [04:06] – Why Tara focuses in Calgary and Airdrie areas
  • [06:25] – Preparing for the spring market
    • Bringing members of marketing team
    • Preparing homes inside and out
    • Why you need to create a welcoming environment
    • Putting on the buyer hat in assessing your own home
  • [11:33] – Pairing Tara’s marketing company with her real estate business
    • Putting the best list forward
    • Tara unravels her marketing tactics for properties
    • Positivity works!
    • NO EXTRA costs on Tara’s services
  • [15:43] – Connect with Tara on her website or thru her mobile 403 – 809 – 4639
  • [16:43] – Tara’s tips for buyers this spring season
    • Ask and answer questions on why you’re moving
    • Be prepared upfront
    • Align with the right realtor
  • [20:17] – Know your options in choosing who represents you


Topic Takeaways:

  • Look at your house with a buyer’s perspective to know what you need to fix/improve before selling.
  • Be clear on the reason why you are moving.
  • Find the right realtor for you.


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