011: Why You Want To Enlist The Service Of A Specialist!

Tanya Appel talks with local Real Estate Lawyer Sean Green.


Sean Green is the Founder of Legacy Law Group.  Their firm is client-centric with a focus on Real Estate, Wills & Estate Planning. He received his Juris Doctor from the University of Calgary and completed his articles with Bennett Jones LLP in June 2014. His focus is on guidance and ensuring his clients feel comfortable throughout the purchase, selling, refinance and estate planning process with straightforward fees.

Tanya and Sean discuss why it’s important to work with a specialized real estate lawyer – they talk RPR’s, Title Insurance and cover off some great advice on avoiding pitfalls.

Key Points

  • [3:00] Why should someone use a specialized real estate lawyer as opposed to a friend who can get them a “deal”?
    • Real estate is what we do. We have the right people on staff and we know what we are doing.
  • [5:00] What does the sale of a property look like with you?
    • Once a deal is firm, we will get the file. Right away we are contacting the client.
    • We like to have all the documents signed a couple of weeks before closing.
    • When dealing with a mortgage, we need time to deal with the extra conditions from the lender.
  • [9:40] What does your fee structure look like?
    • We do an all in fee structure (+GST).
  • [11:50] Are refinances any different?
    • It’s similar to a purchase but with less steps.
  • [13:15] RPRs “Real Property Reports”.
  • [19:15] Pergola canopies might seem like a good idea but they can be a nightmare when dealing with the city.
  • [20:15] What do you do when registering a mortgage?
    • A registering of a mortgage is the security of the loan.
    •  What we do is change the registrations from the old mortgage to the new one.
  • [21:45] Tell us about Title Insurance.
    • Title insurance is a protection from issues like fraud and defects in the title of the property.
    • In Alberta, there is a process for managing title swaps but there is still a place for Title Insurance.
    • Having Title Insurance can protect you from changes made to the property that happened before you purchased.
    • Most lenders will require Title Insurance.
  • [26:30] Any final advice about legal representation?
    • When looking for a lawyer, get clarity on their fee structure.
    • Make sure you are working with a firm that specializes in what you need to be done.
    • Know if you are meeting with a lawyer or a paralegal.

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