009: Calgary Home Staging Expert Tracy McKay Shares How Staging Gets Your House Sold

Tanya Appel talks with Tracy McKay, co-founder of Transcend Staging & Interiors.


Tracy McKay has been involved in the real estate industry for over 20 years. She has been staging her own construction spec projects over the last year and is involved in many design-build projects. She loves staging vacant properties to create spaces that sell quickly, and for a great price. 3 years ago, Tracy partnered with Tara Bergdoll to open their boutique staging company called Transcend Staging & Interiors. 

Tanya and Tracy talk about how home staging can set your listing apart in this competitive landscape.


Key Points

  • [1:00] We don’t stage the home for the current owner, we stage the home for the potential buyer.
  • [1:40] If the home is currently occupied do you use the existing furniture or do you bring your own?
    • For budget reasons, we use the owners existing furniture and supplement it with our own items. If the budget allows, we will clear everything out and use our own items.
    • We always take away all the personal mementos like family portraits. We are trying to take away everything that matters to you, because we are trying to make the space look inviting to the new buyer, so they can envision themselves in your space.
  • [2:55] You said your main clients are homeowners, builders, and Realtors. How do you work with each of them differently?
    • With a homeowner, we like to work with them using their own items.
    • With a builder, we usually have a clean slate to work with.  We try to work with and the architect as well, to stage based on the design and layout envisioned.
    • With a Realtor, we are the go-between for the homeowner, the buying agent, and the selling agent.
  • [3:30] Where do you acquire your furniture?
    • We own our entire inventory.
    • We always make sure our pieces are modern and the colors are in trend.
  • [4:40] What are your different packages? (As of the recording of this interview)
    • Our walk and talk package is $200 for clients that want to do it themselves. It’s a 1 to 1.5-hour walk through of the home where we give advice on decluttering, depersonalizing, cleaning, and suggestions for cleaning light fixtures.
    • If a client is looking for deeper advice for changing paint colors or light fixtures we charge $150.
    • When we get into the actual staging we typically offer 3 different price points so the owner can work within their budget.
  • [6:35] How does staging help sell a home?
    • 77% of buyers feel they can see themselves in a staged home vs an un-staged home.
    • 84% of buyers go online first, and the first thing they do is go to the MLS where the staged homes get noticed faster.
    • Professional photography is a must.
  • [8:32] What sort of return does home staging bring?
    • Staging is not an expense, it’s an investment.
    • Invest in the staging before you reduce the price of the home.
    • Statistics show that a staged home brings in 10-12% more than a non-staged home.
  • [10:15] Can home staging help in a soft market?
    • A staged home stands out and you are 40% more likely to have people come see the home if they noticed it online.
  • [10:50] What kind of things would you tell potential clients about home staging?
    • A professional home stager can reduce the stress of selling.

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