007: First Time Home Buyer? Realtor Dawn Herron Maser Explains The Whole Buying Experience

Tanya Appel talks with Dawn Herron Maser, a realtor with Royal LePage Calgary.


Dawn is a realtor with Royal LePage. Raised in Calgary, she started out in the automotive industry, but was looking for more. With a love of meeting new people and helping them achieve their goals in life, she found that real estate was a natural fit for her.  

Tanya and Dawn talk about what the process of buying a home looks like. From picking a lawyer to getting the keys, these steps will make the buying process simpler and clearer for any first-time buyer.

Keys of a new house on a signed contract of house sale with money in background. Concept of closed deal.

Key Points

  • [0:40] Why should I use a realtor?
  • [1:45] It is essential to have your own representation? The selling agent is representing the seller first, not the buyer.
  • [2:40] What should a client look for in a realtor?
  • [3:30] What is the first thing you recommend your buyers do?
  • [3:45] A pre-approval is what the mortgage broker uses to find out the buyers purchasing power.
  • [4:55] Once the buyer is pre-approved, I like to schedule a meeting and go over my buyer consultation form.
  • [5:25] What are ‘non-negotiables’?
  • [9:00] I like to also review the buyer representation agreement; it clarifies how I get paid on a completed transaction.
  • [10:30] Once the buyer has found that perfect home I provide them the real estate purchase contract.
  • [11:32] It’s very important that the position date is clear to both parties.
  • [13:15] Once all the terms have been agreed to and the seller accepts the offer, what happens next?
  • [15:06] How do you take a property from ‘conditionally sold’ to a ‘firm sale’?
  • [16:45] At what point do you contact the lawyer?
  • [20:25] Don’t forget to factor in the cost of a moving truck.
  • [21:05] Even if you don’t feel ready to jump into home ownership, don’t be afraid to give us a call and ask any questions you might have.

Young smiling couple holding their new house keys, real estate and relocation concept