002: Justin Dombroski: Are You Making These Mistakes In A Down Market?

Tanya Appel talks with Justin Dombroski, a realtor at CIR. Justin began his love of real estate early joining his family members in the trades on their job routes within the city. Today Justin is a realtor in the Calgary area who prides himself on his knowledge and passion.

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What’s happening in the Calgary market?

  • There is some downward pressure in some areas
  • Great time for new home buyers and people looking to upgrade
  • Price drops are happening to houses over $600,000 as homes of this size require 2 incomes or 1 large income.
  • Each neighbourhood is being effected differently (micro markets)

Advice for first time home buyers and investment buyers

  • Do your due diligence and take your time
  • Work with professionals you are comfortable with
  • There are lots of deals out there, you just have to know what you’re looking for
  • Interest rates are still low, take advantage of this
  • It’s a great time to move up. You might lose some on the sale of your current home but you will get a discount on the higher priced property.

Advice for sellers

  • Pay attention to the little things on your property. Uncut grass, old paint, and dirty floors can be signs of bigger problems to potential buyers
  • Price your home properly. If you price it too high, it can cause a delay in a sale. You might end up paying more on your mortgage than what you are holding out for.

Finding the right realtor for you

  • Don’t be afraid to ask about their background
  • Someone you’re comfortable with
  • Someone with passion for real estate
  • Very knowledgable about the property
  • Someone who is accessible


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