001: 6 Essential Home Inspection Tips With Tighe Mills

Tanya Appel talks with Tighe Mills, a home inspector in Calgary with 10 years experience in renovations about what you need to know about home inspections.

Why a home inspection?

  • Great way to learn everything about the home (i.e materials, dimensions, systems)
  • Learn where the water shutoffs and electrical shutoffs are
  • Find out what expenses will come in the future

Average cost of a home inspection

  • $199-$750 depending on the square footage
  • Average being $350

What licensing do you need to become an home inspector?

  • In Alberta and BC, you have to to be bonded and insured with E&O insurance (errors and ommisions)
  • Carson Dunlop training is a great school for getting licensed

What’s the difference between an appraisal and a home inspection?

  • An appraisal is usually required by a lender to find the fair value of the houses
  • A home inspection is to learn about the systems of the home and find out all the details of the physical structure

What are the most important items of a home inspection?

  • Roof, heating systems, and foundation

What sets you apart and what locations do you work in?

  • Go above what the minimum requirements are set by the government
  • Use digital and thermal cameras and very sensitive carbon monoxide detectors
  • All reports are submitted digitally
  • Always allows follow up calls and visits
  • I’ve inspected properties in Cochrane, Okatoks, Airdire, Calgary, Chestermere, and as far as Carseland

What 3 things would you recommend when looking for a good home inspector?

  • Make sure they are licensed
  • Involved with an association
  • E&O insured


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